Monthly Archives: August 2012

Oh, there you are, Peter!


Last week my family and I spent some time in Jackson Hole, WY. I don’t know what it is about the mountains or nature, or Jackson, for that matter, but I always seem to hear God with a little more clarity. Maybe it’s because the beauty is so breathtaking, that you can’t help but think of Him and declare His goodness?

One of the days, I was outside, on the patio, and this scene from “Hook” came to my mind. It’s one of my favorite movies. And this is one of my favorite scenes. I cry every time (shocker, I know) You see, Peter (as in Peter Pan – Robin Williams) leaves Neverland to grow up and have a family. His children are taken by Captain Hook. Peter returns to the “lost boys” begging them to help him free his children. They don’t believe it’s him. He looks different. He talks different. He dresses different. It just can’t be him. Well, through different tricks and test, this scene comes about.

This sweet boy (who I could just eat) starts pulling and poking at Peter’s face, resulting in him finally seeing Peter, hence “Oh there you are Peter.” Maybe it’s because I’m a creative mind, but most of the time, God speaks to me through analogies or scenes from movies or things played out before me. As this scene played in my mind, I felt His sweet peace, “Oh, here I am, Noelle.”

How often, after searching and asking for God to appear, to dwell, to intercede, wondering where He is, are we left disappointed? The lesson in this for me is God looks different all the time. His heart and His affection towards us, never changes, but maybe we have to start looking for Him in different ways. Because you see, He’s always there. You may not think it. You may not feel it. It may not look like Him. But He never left. I keep playing those words in my head, “oh, there you are Peter.” It reminded how often I miss God bc I’m not looking in the right places. My mind and focus are desiring a result that I’ve imagined in my head, but the truth is, He might just look different than before.

I just wanted to encourage you, as I am encouraging myself… to pull, and stretch, and move things around, because He’s there, just as He said. Life may look different than you imagined, but He’s in it. He desires you to know Him in all ways. He’s sweet to us and longs to reveal His heart to you…just keep looking, asking. He’s there.

I love how the little one tells the rest, “give him a chance” …just give Him a chance.  He might just be who He says He is.

Grace and Peace