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Adoption Month

As many of you know, Ben and I have been walking the road of “unique family planning” through adoption ūüôā This past Sunday, many people brought awareness for adoption/foster care through #orphansunday. ¬†Our church, Mission Community Church, highlighted an incredible ministry within our church walls, called “Esther’s Hope.” ¬†It’s a wonderful support and encouragement for families wanting to adopt or in the adoption process, as well as supporting families in the foster care system. ¬†Our hearts have been pulled in so many directions concerning orphans. ¬†Yes, we are adopting from Ethiopia and we could not be more excited to receive our little one. ¬†The process will take another 2 years, at the least. ¬†The waiting is difficult and at times you forget that there is a child on the other side of all the hoops you jump through. ¬†You get discouraged. ¬†Your heart aches. You see a little one from Ethiopia and burst into tears (yes, this happened to me in the middle of a restaurant!)


When Ben and I started dating, we discussed adoption as an option for us, whether or not we would have issues with getting pregnant. ¬†It’s always been apart of our hearts. ¬†Orphans have my heart. ¬†They have Ben’s heart. We did have issues getting pregnant. ¬†2 failed IVF cycles, a miscarriage…and now we are here. ¬†We both had to search our hearts to make sure we weren’t approaching adoption as a consolation prize. ¬†We couldn’t make that next step until our heart’s ache was to adopt. ¬†And now it’s our ache. ¬†It’s been our ache since we started the process of adopting a little one from Ethiopia. ¬†We believe it is the greatest gift…not to give to a child, but to give to ourselves…to see and experience the redemption of Him calling us His own. ¬†When we look at the face of that child, to remember the grace and mercy that He extends to us daily, will change our lives every single day. ¬†Yes, we will change a child’s life, but this child’s life will change so many. ¬†We waited and chose him/her…just as Christ did for us. ¬†He chose us. ¬†He sacrificed for our salvation…to be named HIS…forever, and I am so grateful.


Ben and I have experienced heartbreak and disappointment. ¬†It seems as though we get glimpses of our future and then that hope disappears with a disappointment. ¬†It’s been hard to see the bright side of things (which usually comes very natural to both of us). ¬†We had and have to choose daily to remember that He has good things in store for us. ¬†He has blessed us more than we could ever imagine and we are so grateful. ¬†Learning to trust God with your family before you even have one is a challenge, ¬†and we are walking in it daily. ¬†Sometimes, we have victory and other days we feel defeated, but He is still good. ¬†He is still faithful, He is still ours and we are His.


A month or so ago, we received a phone call from lawyer (friend of a friend) about a private adoption. ¬†In just 24 hours we found out about a baby boy due March 5, skyped with the birth mother, prayed, cried and 2 days later signed papers to be this sweet baby boy’s parents. ¬†We didn’t want to announce it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or anything really. ¬†The subject is so tender for us. ¬†There are fears, natural fears with adoption. ¬†There are people’s opinion and personal stories of heartbreak, that cloud our thoughts. ¬†But there is also this thought…He has provided what He’s promised to us. ¬†All of this could fall apart and if so, we got to pray for a precious little boy that will stay in our hearts forever. ¬†BUT, this could be wonderful and work out perfectly. ¬†That is our heart’s desire and what we believe will come to pass. ¬†We count ourselves honored to be chosen to be his parents. ¬†We are thrilled, excited, and nervous to be first time parents. ¬†ūüôā


We are asking that you pray for our little one. ¬†We have named him Benjamin Pierce. ¬†He will go by Pierce. ¬†His name is the combination of the men in the Kilgore/Merrick heritage. ¬†He will grow strong and brave. ¬†He will know he is loved and cherished everyday. He will change this world through the love he extends daily and He will be the apple of His eye. ¬†It is our privilege to share this joy with you. ¬†We celebrate his life and his mother’s. ¬†We thank God daily for women like her, who choose to give life to their child and hope to parents like us. ¬†We are the luckiest. ¬†He is faithful.


Thank you for your prayers. ¬†We covet them…keep them coming!! Thank you for your encouragement throughout the years. So many of you have held our hand through tears and questions…through the frustrations and pain. ¬†We are so grateful for each of you. ¬†We ask that you continue to pray. ¬†We love you.