Monthly Archives: July 2013


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged or journaled.  I think it’s because I have been overwhelmed with emotions lately, not knowing exactly the order of my thoughts.  We’ve experienced a lot of change in the past 3 months.  We moved from our beautiful home and community in Tulsa, Oklahoma to another beautiful home and community in Gilbert, Arizona.  You know those moments when you feel a nudge by God to do something? Well this move wasn’t a nudge…it was a push.  I’m grateful for those moments.  They don’t happen often but when they do, it’s fun to see it all come together, better than you can imagine.  Home is where Ben is…and our dogs 🙂 so I am home.

A week or so ago, our pastor talked about trials and having faith through the trials.  He described the levels of faith through pain, ranging from elementary to masters.  He mentioned that during the Master level, which some rarely reach, you are thanking God for the storm because you know He will get the glory.  As I listened, I was recalling the last 5 years.  We’ve walked through the valleys and hilltops, but a lot seem to be the valleys.  That’s not a sob story, we’ve just been hit by a lot.  A huge theme being our desire to have children, adoption, fertility and loss.  We’ve been disappointed.  In fact, we’ve stayed in the place of just expecting disappointment.  I’m not saying that was right, just saying that’s where we were.  There have been many times walking through it all, that my heart has wanted to praise God in the midst.  I do believe there were moments when I lifted my head to the hills, and I worshiped and delighted myself in the Lord.  There were also many moments of doubt, fear, anger and just plain sadness.  But something hit me during that message…my children being the glory of my Father.  The outcome of the storm, will ultimately be the glory of our Heavenly Father.  I saw them as a crown around His head.  I then saw friends who are walking through fire, holding their hands.  Your pain, your storm’s end result, is His glory.  For some, that’s a comfort to you…for others, you honestly don’t want it…the pain is too hard.  I understand that and don’t fault you for that.  I have been there and still have moments of being there.

Do I know we will have children, yes.  Will they bring glory to our Father? Absolutely. Is it fun? Nope.  Is it easy? Nope. Do I question His ways? Yup!  I don’t have the answers and it seems that everywhere I turn lately, I’ve encountered pain in others.  I’m very sensitive so it weighs heavy on me.  I want joy for others.  I want freedom and peace for my friends and family.  Just as much as I want that for them and myself, I know He desires it even more.

I know I’ve been guilty of thinking as long as I’m encountering and seeking out a relationship with God, I walk in His blessings. This is true to some degree, but what is dangerous, is when the storm comes, we blame Him.  I certainly have.  Do I think God can handle that? Of course.  He didn’t promise a perfect life.  Your faith doesn’t save you.  His sacrifice did.

Definition of “sacrifice” from Websters

: an act of offering to a deity something precious;especially : the killing of a victim on an altar
: something offered in sacrifice
a : destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else

b : something given up or lost <the sacrifices made by parents>

: loss <goods sold at a sacrifice>
That’s what He did and sometimes it’s what we must do.  I have difficulty trusting people and this plays heavily in my relationship with God.  Today I chose to trust the storm.  Today I trust in His goodness.  I find peace in who He is.  Your storm and struggle is real.  It’s okay to be disappointed, upset and tired.  I encourage you, as I encourage myself to seek His glory in the midst of it.  The greatest thing my children could and can ever be is the glory of God
Definition of Glory:
a : praise, honor, or distinction extended by common consent : renown

b : worshipful praise, honor, and thanksgiving <giving glory to God>

a : something that secures praise or renown <the glory of a brilliant career>

I can only hope and pray that my heart brings glory to Him.  Hold tight, one day you’ll be dancing in the beautiful security of His peace, joy and freedom.