Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

So I’m just giving this post a little warning. This is not a judgmental blog, and it’s only my personal conviction. I’m just hoping to make people think about that we are promoting as a society. With that being said, here I go….

Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed with educating myself on child trafficking. I watched a special on MSNBC and was broken for so many children/women, caught in this terrible industry, against their own will. I’ve watched “To Catch a Predator” and then, I’m facinated by shows like, “Celebrity Rehab” and “Intervention.” The resounding theme of most of these people with addictions, seem to have this pain they are trying to escape from childhood…many, escaping sexual abuse as a child. I can’t help but ask myself these questions:

1. Why is it such a problem, now more than ever?

2. How has our society become okay with perverting children and their innocence?

3. How did we become so obsessed with sex in general?

I then discovered within myself this ongoing numbness I’ve had to sexual things in television shows, movies, music, articles, conversations…it’s everywhere you turn and the more you are okay with it, the worse it will get. There are countdowns on websites when certain child celebrities become legal…seriously? We are excusing this lust for young women and then get upset with the men and women who become caught up in it. We say it’s okay and put it out there for everyone to see and feed this lust in men and women and then are shocked when we have problems like the ones we have. We’ve gone so far and it just seems impossible to back pedal. Pornography is easier and easier to access. Things like iPads and cell phones, make it so easy to feed those addictions with more privacy than ever.

We really enjoy some series on HBO and random boob shots would happen. We would be in shock and look away, but continue to watch because the story was so fascinating. That’s embarrassing to say, but I realized I was becoming numb to inappropriate things and subject matters. It started to effect my self esteem. You see, images that are put before us, as women, of what we are supposed to look like, destroy us as women, and destroy men’s healthy images of women. We all lose. Then I started thinking about those who struggle with such images. We’ve made it easier and easier as a society to feed grossness in us. The more you excuse it, the easier it creeps in and then it becomes a big problem. Pornography ruins people, marriages, families and respect for men and women. There are some television, movies, music, articles, that are borderline soft porn. Simple little things like that, strikes a curiosity in the most unhealthy ways. It’s almost impossible to escape.

I say all of this because I feel like we keep building and building on this society of sex. Sex sells and that’s only proven by it’s consumers. You might think you can’t do anything about it, but you can. We’ve stopped watching such shows, listening to certain music, anything that discriminates against men and women. There are precious little ones that are in danger. There are people out there with serious problems and these things we are accepting as normal in our society, are threatening our kids safety and destroying marriages and families. You can change things. It is rewarding within your own life.

What you do is your business and I’m not judging anyone in any way. I was/am guilty of becoming numb and okay with this crazy world of ours. Anyway, it’s just a challenge to protect kids, our families, marriages and futures. Child trafficking is bigger than ever, with one of the biggest locations in Oklahoma City at a truck shop outside of the city. It’s real and it’s not just in other countries. I just think there are things we can do to stop it and one huge one is making it not okay in our social media.

Just a thought…no pressure…actually, a lot of pressure. I love kids too much to not say or do anything about it.

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